A convenient alternative to your power button for turning your screen off to save battery.

Locks your screen and puts your phone to sleep as quickly as possible.

Press menu to select display options.

This does not immediately turn off your screen. For security reasons Android does not let applications sleep your phone.

You can download Screen Off in the Android Marketplace by tapping here from your Android phone, searching for “screen off” from within the Android Marketplace, or using your Barcode Scanner to read the QRCode to the left.

If you want to be able to quickly put your phone to sleep without pressing the Power Button (e.g., EVO 4G, Droid X, or Droid 2 users), then this application is perfect for you!

By tapping this icon you will see a screen of “Snow”, just like the old Black & White TVs as they were turning off. Your screen will soon go to sleep within the next few seconds. When you start to use your phone again, you will think that you had put your phone to sleep with the power button. It is that seamless!

This is great for users who want to have a long screen timeout (for reading webpages, emails, etc) but who want to quickly put their phone to sleep. Some people do not want to press the power button either because it is inconvenient or because they do not want to put excessive wear-and-tear on it. This application provides an alternative solution!

The Android operating system does not let developers put your phone to sleep in the same way that your power button does. This application does the next best thing and makes sure that you do not accidentally press anything on your touch screen as your phone quickly goes to sleep.

You should not notice any changes your current power settings (brightness, screen timeout, etc.) When you open your phone again, you will be on the lock screen just as if you had pressed the power button!

If you have any questions, issues, or requests, please put them in the comments section or email me: kon...@gmail.com.